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Michael Brochstein

Thank you for your involvement!

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Please join me in my efforts to support the Heschel Hazon Hike.

In March 2008 I will be a participating in the First Annual Heschel Hazon Hike to raise money for a sustainable future for Israel. The Hikeís modest goal is to raise $100,000. You can help me reach my goal to raise $3,600. Seventy-five percent of the proceeds will support the Heschel Center for Environmental Learning and Leadership and twenty-five percent will support Hazon.

We will be hiking the first section of Israelís national trail from the northern border with Lebanon to the shores of the Kinneret. I last hiked in this part of Israel in 1997 while on vacation. While I expect the Hazon Hike to be an enjoyable experience, there will be more than my own enjoyment at stake. Through my personal participation and financial support as well as the financial support of my friends, we will help fund two organizations that are working to make our world a better place.

The Heschel Center, Israelís largest environmental organization, is working on developing the concepts and framework to lead Israel towards a sustainable future. Through the Environmental Fellows program, leaders from across all sectors and populations in Israelís society are learning to implement sustainable ideas and practices. The Heschel Center is promoting concrete change at the local and national level in Israel.

Hazon is working to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community, as a step towards a healthier and more sustainable world for all. Hazon is at the forefront of putting sustainability on the agenda of the Jewish community in the United States. Since 2000, Hazon has worked to educate people, to support cutting-edge new projects, and in aggregate to enable and encourage the Jewish community to make a difference.

Please consider making a pledge to support me, or join me for the Heschel Hazon Hike Bishvil Yisrael. Together we can make a difference in the sustainability of Israelís future and have a positive impact on Arab-Israeli relations, water resources, and land preservation. I have pledged to raise $3,600 this year and need your help.

Thank you very much for supporting the Heschel Hazon Hike. Your contribution is greatly appreciated!


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